• Research and Development

GTS Scientists and Engineers are well-versed in Electronics, Materials and Power Sources. They work every day developing and utilizing cutting edge technologies in support of GTS military and commercial customers.


  • Personnel

GTS personnel cumulatively bring a 1000 years of expertise to our customers. We provide on- and off-site research, development and administrative support to Government agencies and their prime contractors, universities, and the commercial sector.


  • Program Management

GTS offers effective Program Management skills and strategies. The core science and engineering personnel of GTS are former long-term Government employees with records of successful program management accomplishments.


  • Conference Support

GTS has provided quality Conference Support since its' inception.  Most notably to the Annual Frequency Control Symposia, Joint Navigation

Conference and the Power Sources Conference.


  • Subcontracts

GTS possess the necessary expertise to discover and partner with other organizations to enable our clients to meet their R&D program objectives.


  • Materials, Equipment & Facilities

GTS offers the ability to provide our customers with the materials, equipment and facilities to support their R&D requirements.


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