Founded in 1986, General Technical Services L.L.C. (GTS)  provides technical, management, and administrative support to US Government agencies, universities, and industry partners. GTS headquarters is a Women Owned Small Busines (WOSB) located in Wall Township, New Jersey. The company has provided on- and off-site research, development and administrative support to Government agencies and their prime contractors, universities, and the commercial sector since its inception.


The core Science and Engineering personnel of GTS are former long-term Government employees with records of accomplishment in “bench” activities, contracting (as initiators and evaluators), and management from Team Leader, through Branch Chief, Division Chief, Center Associate Director and Laboratory Director. The GTS team fully understands the importance and complexity of Government R&D activities and is well versed in program management and contract procedures.


Matrixed GTS Scientists and Engineers have technical competence in specific engineering and scientific disciplines such as advanced RF technologies and sensors, advanced Electro-Optical technologies and sensors, electronic materials and devices, power sources, R&D program management and conference support. Primary clients are the US Army Research Laboratory and the US Army Communication Electronics R&D Center.


Research and Development Services


General Technical Services offers a broad range of professional support services


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  • Facilities


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Research & Development Services

GTS Spotlight


A GTS employee contributes to a paper on Channel Temperature Analysis of GaN HEMTs with Nonlinear Thermal Conductivity


The reliability and power performance of semiconductor devices depend on the operating channel temperature. In Gallium

Nitride (GaN) devices the potential for temperature related degradation is more critical given the high power density involved. In GaN HEMTs, bias voltages range from 20 – 48 V, and saturation current is typically 1 A/mm, compared with 7 – 10 V and 0.5 A/mm for nominal GaAs pHEMTs. This leads to power densities which are almost an order of magnitude higher, resulting in significant localized heat generation. In nominal, thermally­limited device characterizations, it is typical to predict excellent power densities for large devices based on small device measurements [1]­[3], with low self heating, and then observe a significant reduction [4] for the larger device, due temperature induced performance degradation. This underscores the need for a dependable temperature estimation method. The availability of an analytical expression for the channel temperature would provide the designer with a time­efficient iterative tool such that device layout optimization can occur early in the design process. It would also provide a means for assessing reliability prior to fabrication. An analytical expression for calculating the thermal resistance was previously presented [5]. However, it does not account for the temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity of GaN and the substrate material.


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